Handmade Terracotta From Eugene, Oregon

Handmade with old world care and techniques. Our pottery is decorative but stands up to every day use. Bring a little beauty into your life.

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2020 Update

All Oregon summer and fall shows  have been canceled. The Saturday Market is reopened with Pandemic rules. We are going to wait awhile before we go back. I'll update with any information as it becomes clearer. We're  looking forward to getting back to shows but we want to do it safely.

We're still working so you can shop our site or send us your requests.

Eugene Saturday Market - Space 378 

We're on hold for now. We all hope to see you all when it's safe. 

How we make our pots and how to care for them



We produce our pots in many patterns but those patterns are in three different groups and prices 

Our Arts patterns are highly decorated and take their inspiration from classic, old world pottery. They are very time consuming to make and are our top line.

Our Crafts patterns are inspired by the colors of the world. Each pot calls up places we've been or dreamed of visiting.

Our Confetti pattern is a riot of color. Each pot is painted with multiple layers of different shades to give a vibrant depth.

Our Designs

Spiral Mixing/Serving Bowls
Black Bird Coffee Set
Chelsea Garden and Romany Butter Dishes
Olive Branch Long Trays
Confetti Oil Bottles
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Our Story

Since 2001, Richard Sanchez and Robin Russell Sanchez have been making fine terracotta pottery in Eugene, Oregon. We have marketed our work at fine craft shows through out the west and through galleries across the country. We create each piece one at a time Have questions? Give us a call, or email us!


Want to ask us something? Reach out, we’d be happy to hear from you.

phone/fax 541-687-1971

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Black Bird Coffee Set