Dutch Blue Bird Coffee Jar with scoop. You can store tea or any powdered food items in this. It measures 9 inches tall by about 5 inches across and holds about 4 cups. It comes with a handmade Pewter scoop from our friends at Crosby Taylor in Eugene. 

These jars have a lid that makes a good seal. Although these don't have silcon seal the clay on clay lid is what has been used since man started storing food in jars. It protects food very well.

This is a variation of our Poppy Field pattern. It's a Scandinavian inspired color scheme that reminds me of a Dutch summer. 

Dutch Blue Bird Coffee Jar

  • All of our work is lead free and nontoxic. It is safe for eating  and cooking. Oven, dishwasher and microwave reheatable (5 minutes or less, be careful when removing as it will be hot). Do not broil.


    We try to get the colors as close as possible on the computer but all monitors have a different cast so colors may vary on the screen.