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We are a two person studio. Richard makes the pots out of local Oregon clay by throwing on a potter's wheel, molding over a plaster cast or slab working with a roller. The pots are then carefully dried. Robin takes the dry pots, smooths and washes the surfaces and then paints them with up to 14 coats of our own custom mixed ceramic colors. These colors are nontoxic minerals and completely fired into the pot so they will never fade or wash away. We then put them in a bisque kiln and fire to 1900 degrees. Richard takes the bisqued pieces and coats them in our lead free and nontoxic clear glaze. The pieces are then glazed fired to over 2000 degrees. The same temperature as molten lava!

The whole process takes about a week and a half with each piece spending 4 days in a kiln.


The work is perfect for the oven, it bakes just like a brick and holds the temperature at a steady heat. It is dishwasher safe although large pieces are best washed by hand. It may be microwaved for a few minutes to reheat but the pot will heat up so take care when removing from microwave. Do not broil.

All of our work is completely safe for eating and cooking. We do not use lead in our production. 

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