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Our square plates measure 8 inches across. I think they are the perfect dinner plate (not too big) but also are great serving pieces.


This pattern was inspired by the English Arts and Crafts movement. They used clasical motifs and bold colors to create beautiful and useful items. They believed everyday items should bring joy to everyday. The colors are a deep rusty red backgrond with browns, golds, yellows and blue s in the bird and floral design. The edge is our deep cobalt black.

Chelsea Garden Square Plate

  • These patterns are our most highly decorated and detailed pieces. The are hand thrown and molded. We then paint these with many coats of color. Each flower may have up to 50 paint strokes! They are works of love and are really special.

  • These pieces are all hand thrown and molded. They are then painted with many coats of color.  One flower may have up to 50 brush strokes. They are all really special pieces that are works of love. 

    The painting is inspired by old pottery from many cultures. They aren't copies but inspired by the genius of long gone potters.

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