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Romany creamer. Our creamers are little, handless pitchers that can be used for cream, syrup, gravy and sauces. They also make nice little vases or pencil jars. They measure around 5 1/2 inches tall and hold about a cup and a half.


The background color is a rich cobalt black. It has a wreath of golden yellow large flowers with small golden orange flowers. There is a small butterfly flying around. It is a lush color combo.


The Romany pattern is inspired by eastern European decorative art. In my mind I see people gathered around a fire playing fiddle music.......

Romany Creamer

  • These patterns are our most highly decorated and detailed pieces. The are hand thrown and molded. We then paint these with many coats of color. Each flower may have up to 50 paint strokes! They are works of love and are really special. The painting is inspired by old pottery from many cultures. They aren't copies but inspired by the genius of long gone potters.

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